Welcome to JupyterHub Grafana Dashboards’s documentation!

Welcome to JupyterHub Grafana Dashboards’s documentation!#

Grafana Dashboards for use with Zero to JupyterHub on Kubernetes

Grafana Dasboard Screencast


Grafana dashboards displaying prometheus metrics are extremely useful in diagnosing issues on Kubernetes clusters running JupyterHub. However, everyone has to build their own dashboards - there isn’t an easy way to standardize them across many clusters run by many entities.

This project provides some standard Grafana Dashboards as Code to help with this. It uses jsonnet and grafonnet to generate dashboards completely via code. This can then be deployed on any Grafana instance!

How the documentation is organised#

We are currently using the diátaxis framework to organise our docs into four main categories:

  • Tutorials: Step-by-step guides to complete a specific task

  • How-To guides: Directions to solve scenarios faced while using the project. Their titles often complete the sentence “How do I…?”

  • Explanation: More in-depth discussion of topics within the project to broaden understanding.

  • Reference: Technical descriptions of the components within the project, and how to use them


How-to Guides#




Thank you for considering contributing! You can find some details to help you get started in the sections below.